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Tasmanian PWS claim of a mass release of foxes

Confidential Briefing Note undated Tas Police FOI document to Senator Shayne Murphy.pdf

Tasmanian Police investigation of PWS claim

2001 July 17 'Tasmanian Police Report'.pdf

2001 July 13 'Tasmanian Police Report'.pdf

2001 August 29 'Tasmanian Police Report'.pdf

Absence of PWS records concerning claim of a mass release of foxes

Tasmanian Greens media release (Peg Putt MHA) 18 April 2002.pdf

Letter from Senator Murphy to Commissioner of Police Richard McCreadie 13 June 2003.pdf

Assistant Commissioner of Police Lupo Prins to Senator Shayne Murphy (FOI letter K) - 20 June 2003.pdf

Tasmanian parliamentary records attesting to PWS claims of mass release of foxes

Senate 19 September 2002 Senator Shayne Murphy Tasmania - Foxes.pdf

David Llewellyn, Minister for Police & Environment at Budget Estimates - 4 June 2002.pdf

Hansard -15 June 2006 Llewellyn on fox imports.pdf

ABC ‘Catalyst’ program claims referred to by Senator Shayne Murphy

Reports on opportunistically acquired post mortem specimens

Bosworth fox 2001

Bosworth fox (2001) - X ray (1).jpg

Tasmania Police ballistics analysis - 7 Oct 2001.pdf

Ian Rist’s Article: The claimed Tasmanian fox shooting that didn’t happen

Hans Brunner letters - Tas Police FOI and correspondence to and from Nick McKim MP.pdf

Burnie fox 2003

AHL Post Mortem Report - 03 - 2299 Burnie dead fox.pdf

Glen Esk fox 2006

Report (Mr. N.J. Mooney) annotated by Dr D. Obendorf – part 1.pdf

Report (Mr. N.J. Mooney) annotated by Dr D. Obendorf – part 2.pdf

Past fox eradication program reviews

Kinnear 2003.pdf

Saunders G., Lane C., Harris S. and Dickman C.  2006.pdf

Parkes and Anderson 2009.pdf

Kitchell et al. 2013.pdf

Right to Information (RTI) documents

RTI-063 (Fearn 2009) Report on fox scat collection in Tasmania.pdf

RTI documents attached to Tasmanian Times story 30th September 2016

FEP Stage 3 MERI Plan.pdf

FEP Australian Government Funding Agreement 2013-2014.pdf

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The Simon de Little Interviews